Weaving Tools

Basket weaving tools can be specifically designed for basket making or ordinary tools found around the house or garage.

Basic Weaving Tools:

  • Awl
  • Bent Tip Packing Tool
  • Clothes Pins or Spring Clips
  • Measuring Tape
  • Needle Nose Pliers with narrow nose
  • Pencil
  • Reed Cutters (Pruning Shears/heavy duty Scissors)
  • Small hand wood plane/shaver, sharp knife
  • Spoke weight
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water container (bucket or dish pan)
  • Old Towel
  • Band-Aids

Optional Tools:

  • Bone Awl
  • Diagonal cutting pliers/side cutting pliers
  • Plastic Cable Ties
  • Reed Gage
  • Straight Weave rite™ tool


Letter opener

Cable tie on tool

Quilters Thimble

Straight staple remover

coat RackUse of Shower Ring to hang additional reed on coat rackUse of belt ring to hang additonal reed on coat rack

Spoon handle

Strap Hinge

Note: These tips and tricks have been passed from weaver to weaver over the years. MBG does NOT claim originality but provides this form for sharing those deemed beneficial to new and experienced weavers.