Scholarships and Awards

The Missouri Basketweavers Guild in recognition of the contribution and dedication to basket weaving offers scholarships in honor of Roger Curry and the Founding Members.

Curry Scholarship

Roger was born into a long line of basket makers tracing his roots back to Christopher Columbus Gibson who started weaving this distinct style of oak baskets in the 1840s. Roger would fell the trees, split them, carve handles and rims, and pull weavers and uprights – a very labor-intensive process!
In the late 1970s, Roger and his wife Betty, were asked to teach at the Christianson Native Crafts Workshop in Shannondale, where they were told to anticipate about 20 students in their class. Instead, 70 students signed up for their class – a daunting excess which they somehow managed to get through. Shortly after, they were asked to teach a class in Clarksville, MO. Thus, they were launched in a new direction – teaching workshops.
As a Missouri craftsman, Roger shared and continued a tradition of basket making throughout much of his life. It is an honor for the Missouri Basketweavers Guild to present the Roger Curry Scholarships at the annual convention to a first time and a returning attendee in the amount of the convention's registration fee.

Curry Scholarships Awarded:

Award Year First Time Attendee Returning Attendees
1996   Marjorie Bretzler
1997 Beth Babb
Candy Reed
Nicki Janczak
Sandy Schmidt
Cindy Smith
1998 Janet Dillman
Rita Nardin
Jennifer Miller
Doris Hynes
Gloria Little
2002 Mary McKinzie
Diane Wilson
Vicki Arnett
Judy Yeages
2003 Jean Fisher
Jane Rundlett
Karen Ferbezar
Bev Larson
2004 Amy Hamilton
Debra Mann
Beth Proctor
Carolyn Slaughter
2005 Lynn Elbert
Marsha Foster
Susan High
Shalon McPhee
Shirley Bowers Bonnie Schreckengast
Yvonne Fahringer Jeanie Dresslaer-Smith
Diane VanOsdol Lynn Touchette
Melissa Smith Jeannie Sisson
Carol Tripp Mary Ann Allen
Karen Gentry Marilyn Wayman
Linda Randolph Melissa Karlson
Alice Ford Lana Dudzinski
Karen Maricha Kathy Labbez
Joanie Meador Betty Buckley
Alice VanSant Cheryl Johner
Lauren Hall Dianne Crowl-Ventura
Janice Cannestra Mary Price
Deborah Jane Goff Mary Ann Potter

*The Roger Curry Scholarship was established in 1995 and originally set up to give one attendee paid registration to the next annual convention. Marjorie Bretzler was the scholarship winner in 1995 for the 1996 convention. The following year awards were given for first timer and returning attendees for the current convention registration. In October 2018, the was rename to "Curry Scholarship" after the passing of Roger's wife, Betty.
** We are searching for the names of Curry Scholarship winners for the years 1999 and 2000. If you know the names of any winners for these years, please contact .

Founding Members Memorial Scholarship

In 2005, the guild established the Founding Members Memorial Scholarship to honor dedicated founding members who have passed away. Each year at the annual convention, two scholarships winners are selected from the general membership to receive the convention registration fee for the next annual convention. The scholarship is presently in honor of Ann Clark and Lillian Hoyt.

Ann Clark made her first basket in 1980 in a white oak tree-to-basket class with Roger and Betty Curry. From then on, she was hooked. Her favorite weaving material was white oak and naturals. Ann was a founding member of the Woven Circle guild and was instrumental in joining forces with members from the St. Louis Missouri Basketweavers Chapter to form what we know today as the Missouri Basketweavers Guild. Ann was in attendance at the first meeting of a state-wide organization in Hannibal. A few years later, she suggested Missourians needed a basket weaving convention; a feat that some said could not be done. With her great organization skills and love for basketry, she made it happen in a big way. The first annual Missouri Basket Sampler Convention was held June 13-14, 1992, in Kansas City, with 115 weavers in attendance. Ann was enthusiastic in her love for the art of basket weaving and radiated that zest with all who knew her. Ann passed away on September 17, 2002, which happened to also be her birthday.

Lillian Hoyt was another who also attended the first meeting of the Missouri Basketweavers held in Hannibal trying to create a State Guild. Lillian discovered basket weaving in 1985 when she took a class in North Carolina. Over the years, Lillian took many classes, taught many classes, wove many baskets and attended many conventions. Lillian loved to talk about the way they used to do things, about various teachers that she took classes from, and about the clothespins with hooks on them that you can't buy anymore. Lillian wove from 1985 until January of 2008. Lillian passed away on March 23, 2008.

Founding Members Memorial Scholarships Awarded:

Award Year Award Winners

2005 for 2006 Registration

N. Louise Page
Donalene Wright

2006 for 2007 Registration

Brenda McPheron
Deanna Waddell

2007 for 2008 Registration

Lynanne Keleher
Judi Miller

2008 for 2009 Registration

Susan Bell
Pat White

2009 for 2010 Registration

Clo Cass
Carol Smith

2010 for 2011 Registration

Linda Ponsler
Judy Rains

2011 for 2012 Registration

Neta Sanders
Wahleah Walker

2012 for 2013 Registration

Paula Boehm
Rita Lanners

2013 for 2014 Registration

Vicki Edmond
Donna Jeanneret

2014 for 2015 Registration

Bob Ingoldsby
Jan Juchniewicz

2015 for 2016 Registration

Lisa Adams
Rosie Huddleston

2016 for 2017 Registration

Cindy Harris
Jan Oberhart

2017 for 2018 Registration

Amy Bell
Holly Karr

2018 for 2019 Registration

Valentina Hall
Julie Williams

2019 for 2020 Registration

Michael Shane Harrison
Jane Kreitzer


Ambassador Status Award

In August 2014, the Ambassador Status Award was established.  This award gives the board the discretion to recognize members who have gone over and above year after year to further the mission and purpose of the guild.

Ambassador Status Awarded:

Date Recipient(s)

August 2, 2014

Jena Baumgarten
Marilyn Margrave

August 1, 2015

Mary Ann Allen
Doris Hynes

August 6, 2016

Mona Hartzler

August 5, 2017

Susan Brandon

August 4, 2018

Jan Oberlag

August 3, 2019

Sandy Hertel


Distinctive Scholarships and Awards

Distinctive scholarships or awards can be provided by an individual(s) or by a guild to further the art of basketry through a special recognition. Anyone wishing to sponsor a distinctive scholarship or award at the annual convention please contact for more information.

Awarded Scholarships and Awards: