2020 Teacher Proposals

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Things to Know:

  • Proposals must be received on or before midnight Saturday, January 18, 2020 to be considered for MBG’s 2020 Convention.
  • All prospective teachers are required to submit a brief bio (600 characters and spaces or less) for use in the convention catalog.
  • Classes are scheduled for Thursday (2-4 hours), Friday and Saturday, (6-8 hours), and Sunday (4 hours). Nine to twelve hour classes are held on Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday. For a full teaching schedule, submit proposals accordingly.
  • MBG does not pay a teaching salary. Teachers need to price each class accordingly.
  • Select one weaving level for each basket proposal.

All Levels: For all student skill levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Beginner: For students with no weaving or very little experience with class materials, techniques and basket type should consider themselves a beginner for the offered class.

Advanced Beginner: For students who have mastered the beginner skills for the offered materials, techniques and basket style are ready for more challenge in an Advanced Beginner class.

Intermediate: For students who have a good grasp of beginning levels and comfortable working level for materials, techniques, and basket style for the class specifications. Student should consider the intermediate level to expand their weaving skills and knowledge.

Advanced: For students who have mastered the intermediate skills for the materials, style and technique. Student is ready for further challenges.

  • You may submit up to 15 class proposals ranging from 4 to 12 hours and up to 6 proposals for 2 hour classes.
  • Photos should be of high quality with the complete the basket image displayed with space between image and edges. The background should be a plain solid color. No apples, coins, mugs, rulers, or other objects touching the basket. Images need to be void of shadows on or around the basket. Take photos with photography lighting or natural lighting on overcast days to avoid shadowing.
  • Photo files must be named with your name followed by the basket name with a numeric sequence (1-4) for each photo view with a hyphen separating each. [Example: Junie Jones – Fall Foliage Basket – 4]
    After the alpha sequence indicate “CB” for the photo to be used in the convention catalog. [Example: Junie Jones – Fall Foliage Basket – 4 - CB]
  • Electronic photo submissions must be high resolution of 600 dpi or more and in jpg format. Transfer digital images that will not compress photo files.
  • If you have questions or encounter problems, click FAQ
  • Contact Sandy Hertel at for additional information or assistance.

Before starting on-line application process you will need:

  • Your contact information
  • A short Bio of teaching and weaving experience.
  • Number of hours and/or number of classes needed to teach.

For each basket submitted:

  • Name of Basket
  • Basket Description (less than 400 characters and spaces)
  • Basket Dimensions
  • Weaving level
  • Student’s pre-requisites
  • Special tools the student will need.
  • Teaching needs (example: extra space, electrical, etc.)
  • Class fee
  • Teaching requirements (Minimum and maximum class size)

After the online application is compled:

After each proposal submission you will receive a Teacher Confirmation email message to verify your class information.

Next, you will need to “Reply All” and attach up to 4 basket photos for each class email confirmation message.

If you do not receive a Teacher Confirmation, please email .

Submitting teachers must be a MBG member for membership year January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. (see Membership Form)