2019 Teacher Submission Application

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Before you begin you will need the following:

  • Your contact information
  • A short Bio (less than 600 characters and spaces) of your weaving and teaching experience.
  • Number of hours and/or number of classes needed to teach.

For each basket submitted:

  • Name of Basket
  • Basket Description (less than 400 characters and spaces)
  • Basket Dimensions
  • Weaving level
  • Student’s pre-requisites
  • Special tools the student will need.
  • Teaching needs (example: extra space, electrical, etc.)
  • Class fee
  • Teaching requirements (Minimum and maximum class size)

After each submission you will receive a Teacher Confirmation email message to verify your class information.

Next, you will need to “Reply All” and attach up to 4 basket photos for each class email confirmation message.

  • Basket photos images should show the complete basket in the picture frame (image not touching or over extending the edges).
  • The background should be a plain solid color. No other objects are to be visible in photo.
  • Images need to be void of shadows on or around the basket. Take photos with photography lights or natural lighting on overcast days to avoid shadowing.
  • Photos must be in high resolution of 600 dpi or more and in jpg format.
  • Naming configuration for photo images should begin with your name (hyphen) basket name (hyphen) numeric sequence (1-4) for each photo view submitted. [Example: Junie Jones – Fall Foliage Basket – 4]
  • After the numberic sequence indicate “CB” photo to use the convention brochure. [Example: Junie Jones – Fall Foliage Basket – 4 - CB]
  • Electronically transfer images using a program that does not compress files.

If you do not receive a Teacher Confirmation, please email .

If you have questions or encounter problems, click FAQ.

Submitting teachers must be a MBG member for membership year January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. (see Membership Form)